This section will bring together all my thoughts and ideas for modding my game.

Currently there is nothing much here except a list of “game objects” that can be modded.

  • Major Item groups
    • Items within each group
    • Quality of items
    • Rarity of items
    • Actions per item group
  • Player Character…
    • Attributes
    • Resistances
    • Classes
    • Statuses
  • Spells
    • Damage types
    • Mana costs
    • Positive/Negative effects
  • Body Locations for the Player Character
  • Colours used within the ASCII view of the game
  • Monsters and NPCs

During my design and initial coding efforts I will occasionally produce an article or two on my efforts to build in modding from the very start of each major area within the game.

As my game gets closer to finalising the mechanics and requires more content I intend to add more in-depth articles to this section.


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