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Veneficus Schola release 0.0.10 alpha

This release has been a long time coming, in fact it’s been 5 months in the making – phew! And it represents a major breakthrough for my game and for me as a rookie indie developer as I now have … Continue reading

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Release v0.0.9 Alpha

This is release v0.0.9Alpha which still represents a technical walk through of my game. I’ve been busy correcting some historic code that whilst it worked it did stop me from progressing in the direction I wanted, e.g. having separate types (arrays) for … Continue reading

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Release v0.0.8 Alpha

My latest release v0.0.8 Alpha includes the following: A dungeon view-port Auto opening doors between rooms and corridors Increased dungeon and UI performance drawing times This Alpha release can be downloaded here. I’ve also included the full source code for … Continue reading

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This last week has seen me implement a new DLL that is geared up to print text a whole lot faster than the standard Darkbasic Pro commands. Officially it is known as D3DFunc V3.0 – but everyone on the DBPro forums … Continue reading

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Doors, rooms and corridors

Recently I’ve completed my second dungeon drawing routine, this one uses a grid based approach to laying out the rooms within a level and then connecting them one at a time, this appears a common approach for roguelikes and can … Continue reading

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My next update

This update is all about me refactoring/restructuring the back-end code… Since my last update I’ve been working on improving the underlying code and data structures, for example previously I held all my item information in separate arrays, e.g. food(), armour(), weapons(). … Continue reading

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