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It’s time to pause…

Since my last release (alpha 0.0.10) a real life opportunity has presented itself to me which means I won’t be able¬†to dedicate as much (if any) time to the further development of my game ūüė¶ My opportunity revolves around my … Continue reading

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Do you know what perma-death means?

Perma-death is a feature of most roguelikes that gives the player only one chance or life to complete the game, there are no 3 lives/chances and then you’ve lost as in most non-roguelikes. With perma-death enabled the death of your … Continue reading

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My top 5 coffee break roguelikes

Recently I played a bunch of roguelikes that are classed as ‚Äúcoffee break‚ÄĚ which I chose at random from the Roguebasin coffee break section. Some of these roguelikes were 7DRL and some were full-blown games. Just so you know 7DRL … Continue reading

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Technorati sign up

A brief post to say I’ve just signed up to Technorati¬†and am waiting for my blog to be verified with the following code¬†EXWKBJSKW4PM. Apparantly this is part of their sign up process.  

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New Challenge accepted

I’ve decided to accept the challenge of posting at least once a week, i.e. once every 7 days, if not more. My reasons for this are: To keep up my levels of interest in blogging To keep my motivation levels … Continue reading

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Alpha Release 0.0.4

The¬†change log for this release identified some simple changes to the GUI which were identified as to provide richer feedback for the player and allow me to make changes to the GUI without having to re-compile the code base for … Continue reading

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Using Spells – part one

I’ve mentioned before about the code mechanics and the design goals I’m aspiring to when coding/using magic within the game, in this post I want to talk about how I see the player using magic. One of the things I … Continue reading

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