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Veneficus Schola release 0.0.10 alpha

This release has been a long time coming, in fact it’s been 5 months in the making – phew! And it represents a major breakthrough for my game and for me as a rookie indie developer as I now have … Continue reading

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Release v0.0.9 Alpha

This is release v0.0.9Alpha which still represents a technical walk through of my game. I’ve been busy correcting some historic code that whilst it worked it did stop me from progressing in the direction I wanted, e.g. having separate types (arrays) for … Continue reading

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Release v0.0.8 Alpha

My latest release v0.0.8 Alpha includes the following: A dungeon view-port Auto opening doors between rooms and corridors Increased dungeon and UI performance drawing times This Alpha release can be downloaded here. I’ve also included the full source code for … Continue reading

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A brief progress update for Spell management

Since the turn of the new year I’ve provided several article updates as to the progress I’ve been making on the spell casting and templating sub-systems within my game. But I’ve not provided a stable release for you and this … Continue reading

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Release 0.0.6

When I put together the goals for this release I had no real idea of what was really expected never mind what was needed in terms of code, data and graphics. So I was happy to document this release in … Continue reading

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The Mini map

The mini map was first introduced in Alpha release 0.0.5, details of that release can be found here. Let me first talk about my thoughts, design and coding of the mini map… My original design for the mini-map was to … Continue reading

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Release 0.0.5

When I was identifying what I wanted in this release I fully admit I didn’t really understand what was needed for the following: A working mini-map A working command panel Improvements to the player experience when using the mouse After … Continue reading

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Alpha Release 0.0.4

The change log for this release identified some simple changes to the GUI which were identified as to provide richer feedback for the player and allow me to make changes to the GUI without having to re-compile the code base for … Continue reading

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GUI Improvements

Following on from these previous posts and feedback from friends I’ve been embarking another journey of discovery and have updated the main GUI. I’m very much hoping that I’ve nearly reached the end of this particular journey…but only time will … Continue reading

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1st Release

After several long months designing the basics of my game and several months of coding I’ve decided to release a pre-alpha version of my game so that I can gather early feedback and so I can understand what’s needed to release … Continue reading

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