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How I implemented invisible monsters in my roguelike

In just over 60 minutes I’ve implemented a new buff spell, a new monster ability and a new delayed effect that all combine to allow the caster to see invisible monsters for a predetermined period of time. Read on to see how … Continue reading

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Vultures eye User Interface

This is a screenshot from NetHack Wiki of Vulture. Vulture is an isometric graphical user interface for NetHack, SLASH’EM, and UnNetHack. The Vulture project continues the abandoned Falcon’s Eye project and is maintained by Clive Crous. Vulture is an answer to anyone who believes that the interface of … Continue reading

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This last week has seen me implement a new DLL that is geared up to print text a whole lot faster than the standard Darkbasic Pro commands. Officially it is known as D3DFunc V3.0 – but everyone on the DBPro forums … Continue reading

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ASCII mode

I’m currently in the middle of improving my ASCII view mode for the game, whilst it’s proving tricky I’m glad that I took the time to put together a modular approach to my code as this is allowing me to … Continue reading

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Selecting a playable race

You might want to read part one (how I arrived at the list of selectable races) and part two (how I decided upon which traits to apply to each race) of this mini-series to gain a better understanding of how I … Continue reading

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Dungeon Restructure

As part of release 0.0.5 I implemented a mini map and as part of that implementation I identified that I needed to revisit my existing dungeon design. Currently the game (engine) only supports the generation of dungeon levels by loading … Continue reading

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GUI Improvements

Following on from these previous posts and feedback from friends I’ve been embarking another journey of discovery and have updated the main GUI. I’m very much hoping that I’ve nearly reached the end of this particular journey…but only time will … Continue reading

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