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Research findings from spell selection

Introduction One of the things I needed to complete for Alpha release 0.0.7 was the selection of the starting spells for each character class. When I started this selection process I had amassed over 1600 spells, based on many sources … Continue reading

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Character Acceptance

Once you’ve made your choices regarding race and class the following character Acceptance screen is displayed. This is where you can review the choices you’ve made and make any changes before naming your character and starting the game. Now I’ll … Continue reading

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Selectable player classes

Selectable player classes were introduced as part of Alpha release 0.0.6 at the same time as selectable races. My primary goal for introducing different player classes was to present both variety and depth during gameplay. I wanted (and still do) … Continue reading

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Selectable Classes part 2

Part one of this mini-series provides an overview for my selectable classes, that maybe a good place to start. My earliest thoughts on player classes lead me to the following: Conjurers/Summoners – summons good/evil beings, possibly from other ‘planes’. Elementalists … Continue reading

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Selecting a class

You might want to read part one and maybe part two to gain a better understanding of how I arrived at my current set of selectable player classes. To allow the player to select a class I decided to reuse … Continue reading

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Types of damage

This is one of several articles that I’ve put together as part of my preparation for Alpha release 0.0.7 and is designed to order my thoughts and provide an explanation into how I view the possible different damage types caused by spells. Earlier articles … Continue reading

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Player Classes

In my previous post about player classes I talked about what seems a different game now compared to then and when viewed from a theme point then the current incarnation is a totally different game…and yet the mechanics remain basically … Continue reading

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