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It’s time to pause…

Since my last release (alpha 0.0.10) a real life opportunity has presented itself to me which means I won’t be ableĀ to dedicate as much (if any) time to the further development of my game šŸ˜¦ My opportunity revolves around my … Continue reading

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Veneficus Schola release 0.0.10 alpha

This release has been a long time coming, in fact it’s been 5 months in the making – phew! And it represents a major breakthrough for my game and for me as a rookie indie developer as I now have … Continue reading

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Different spell energy types

This article is all about the different spell energy types I’m thinking of adding to my game and itĀ was born from a conversation I started on The Temple of the Roguelike forums, where I stated thatĀ I was planning on using: … Continue reading

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How I calculate spell casting successes

The idea for this article came about during my research and design phase into looking at different ways I could implement mana as one of the costs for casting spells. During that research I quickly realised I had no way … Continue reading

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How I implemented invisible monsters in my roguelike

In just over 60 minutesĀ I’veĀ implemented a new buff spell, a new monster ability and a new delayed effect that all combine to allow the caster to see invisible monsters for a predetermined period of time. Read on to see how … Continue reading

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A design approach for spell templates

With magic being at the heart of my roguelike I’m always keen to take just that little bit longer with my thoughts on design as I want to create something that I can be proud of. With this in mind … Continue reading

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A design approach for spell energy costings

Spell energy management is all about making sure that the caster can pay the costs of the spell at the time of casting. This article is about the design approach I’m taking that will allow for a very flexible approach … Continue reading

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