It’s time to pause…

Since my last release (alpha 0.0.10) a real life opportunity has presented itself to me which means I won’t be able to dedicate as much (if any) time to the further development of my game 😦

My opportunity revolves around my other passion, which is writing, and my career which has so far spanned 20+ years.

I am currently putting together a blog/business that is focused on educating and inspiring all those people who want to enter the Software Testing industry, I will be sharing with them my complete knowledge and experience for free! At least I will be at first, I then intend to build a successful business around my unique knowledge and experience.

So until I can gain some traction with my venture there will be no more releases or public updates.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and until I take up the gauntlet once more.

Good luck.


About Steven Devonport

I'm a career software tester (by trade), I've written fiction, non-fiction, I've created a roguelike game, I've loved and lost...but above all that I keep laughing at this crazy world and the manic speed that we're all moving at.
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